We are happy to let you live a sensory experience within our baglio (typical Sicilian building) located in Marsala, Via Salemi, 3. 3.

Book your favourite tasting and learn more about the wine-making process in orderd to discover a little more about the wonderful world of Caruso & Minini

Our tasting, both for neophytes and for experts, pair the wine with typical culinary products and traditions. You can totally dive into a journey rich in emotions and pleasant vibes. We hope they can be added to your personal knowledge.

Our aim is to propose local wines, let you taste Sicily through the characteristic that distinguishes each grape variety, local or international ones. Let yourself be guided through your five senses to discover Caruso & Minini.

Our tastings, choose your favourite one and discover our wines.

U Tocco

The tasting that captivates all your senses. Close your eyes and let yourself be inspired by our multisensory tasting

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Ciavuro ri Sicilia

Oh the smell, the sweet scent of memories…There are dishes that are the pillars of childhood. If you ask around here in Marsala, people will certainly reply you pane cunzatu and couscous di pisci. The first one is a bread filled with poor traditional ingredients, and the second one is a typical Arabic first course: fish couscous. A tasting that match the smells of the land with six wines.

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The name of this tasting comes from the Sicilian word Pizzuliare, that means to nibble. As you know in Sicily we really love food so we nibble every minute of the day; that’s your chance to do it! 5 wines, arancina, rianata, calzone, extra virgin olive oil, bread olives, traditional biscuit…

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In an continuously changing world, you have to be ready…here comes the tasting with gluten-free products! 5 wines, Sicilian street food strictly gluten-free, extra virgin olive oil, olive bread, traditional biscuit…

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Pane e tumazzo

It is well known that eating something while sipping enhance the pleasure of tasting. The combination of food and wine is always successful 4 wines, typical local cheeses, an excellent Sicilian salami, olives, our extra virgin olive oil… what else!

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Tira busciò

If you don’t have much time or if you have decided not to taste typical products, this tasting is perfect for you. Three different wines to understand the style of the winery. You can also taste our monocultivar extra virgin olive oil Nocellara del Belice, olives and good local bread.

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